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  Anatomy of an Attack / Suicide Jeep

Suicide Jeep is an extraordinary short film which for the first time shows an actual suicide bomb attack on a Jewish settlement in Gaza in close detail. Secretly shot by a Hamas cameraman the film incredibly shows 23-year-old suicide bomber Tariq Hamid laughing and joking during his last meal then follows him to the ambush point as he drives his explosive-laden jeep into a northern Jewish settlement in Gaza in a vain attempt to blow up a bus.

Missing his target by seconds Hamid then detonates his jeep amidst a nearby Israeli army patrol. Miraculousy all four Israeli soldiers survived and Suicide Jeep contains a second-by-second description of the attack by the platoon's commander 24-year-old 2nd Lieutenant Yonathan Gelman.

Reported and Produced by Kevin Toolis and originally shown on BBC Newsnight

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